Areas of expertise

Energy Law

  • preparation of technical letters and legal opinions on aspects related to the enterprise;
  • monitoring of environmental licensing processes;
  • monitoring of the procedures necessary for the release of areas for the implementation of energy projects;
  • legal compliance audit;
  • participation in bidding processes that involve the exploration of new projects;
  • legal advice on the purchase and sale of assets, including the performance of due diligence;
  • analysis and elaboration of contracts related to the sector;
  • follow-up in extrajudicial processes (mediation, negotiation, conciliation and arbitration) to resolve conflicts related to the sector.

  • the elaboration of defenses and the follow-up of the corresponding administrative procedure, including the presentation of petitions and appeals that may be necessary until the final outcome of the demand;
  • follow-up of Civil Investigations, Preparatory and Investigative Procedures, including the preparation of statements relevant to the case and attendance at meetings that may be scheduled by the competent authority.

  • matters related to the sector, comprising the preparation of the initial or defense and all other documents to be filed during the course of the process until the last instance, the attendance at meetings that may be necessary for the delineation of the lawsuit and the hearings eventually designated by the Court, as well as the interposition of all appropriate appeals of interest to the client.